ECG Biometric

Secure payments and identification
with your heartbeat

Wearable that secure your payments with unhackable biometric.


Open the app


Place your finger on metal plate to verificate your person with ECG


Place your Mawi band near the pay terminal


Payment is authorized and secured with your EСG!

How is this even possible?

All you need to do is to press the “Measure my heart rate” button and follow the instructions on the screen. Screening will take no longer than 3 minutes of your time. As a result you immediately receive a brief report on your current physical and emotional state.

mawi pay

User records ECG with our wristband

Medical grade ECG recording, BLE, Wellness analysis

Data is sent to server for user identification

and information about this is beang send back to the wristband

User pattern is created and sent back to the phone

Patent pending deep-learning based authentification algorithm

Bracelet becomes user’s unique identifier

If wristband is being removed from the hand it’s needed to perform authentication again

Wristband is used for automatic payments via EMV chip

Wristband is used for automatic payments via EMV chip

We take care of providing you with the software, educating you and your staff a delivering permanent support. While you enjoy a smart service ready to use.


Access to safety
deposit box

Internal security
in banks

biometric security

in co-branding products?

We are happy to re-design the band according to your brand or to re-factor the technology into a suitable form factor.

Interested in this technology?

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